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The Institution will follow the guidelines of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education regarding admission in (Class – XI) from any recognized All India Board, Like I.S.C.E. C.B.S.E. or from any recognized state boards, can apply for admission.(Please see the notified list of the approved Secondary Boards). All admission will be initially provisional, subject to verification of the authenticity of the qualifying examination etc. submitted at the time of admission. Since the seats are limited, all applicants cannot be admitted, merit being the main criterion. The Institution authority reserves the right of admission of a candidate or refusing it.

Candidates passing from C.B.S.E. internal school examination or through Patrachar Vidyalaya, ISCE commerce are NOT eligible to get admission in H.S. courses under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.

Candidates who have passed the Secondary or its equivalent Examination under the open school system are NOT eligible for admission under this Council. Candidates who have passed the Secondary Examination from the approved boards are eligible for admission in Class XI on the basis of equivalence with the Madhyamik Pariksha conducted by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education reserves the right to refuse any such admission if, on scrutiny, it is not satisfied with the equivalence. Such scrutiny shall be made on

  • Regular Course of studies (b) Subject package.


To Higher Secondary Class XI for SCIENCE, ARTS and COMMERCE Streams


DATE :14.03.2016 Time :8am to 11am & 26th may 2016 Admission Closed


  1. a) For Science : 60% and above in aggregate and more than

45% in Science group and Mathematics in the Qualifying – Examination.

  1. b) For Commerce : 55% and above in aggregate in the Qualifying Examination.
  2. c) For Arts : 55% and above in aggregate in the Qualifying Examination
  3. d) Provisionals Admission : 24/3/2016 Starts ( on the Basis of the result in pre-board or test Examination. )


CBSE non-Board / School examination and ICSE Commerce examination are not valid as the qualifying examination.

To Higher Secondary Class XI for SCIENCE, ARTS and COMMERCE Streams

All admission formalities will get closed on from 26.05.2016

“FRESHERS” WELCOME: 01.06.2016 (Wednesday) & Class Starts at 02.06.2016 (Thursday)

All Admission is provisional.

The programme is subject to change only in unavoidable circumstances


  • Photocopy of Secondary Examination Board Result OR Equivalent
  • Photocopy of Admit Card
  • Photocopy of SC/ST, Backward Class Certificate.

All admissions are subject to the payment of appropriate fees as notified from time to time. All fees are to be paid in cash.


1)   Provisional Admission on 6th April based on the result of pre-board or Test Examination.
2)  The Provisional admission will be treated as permeant and the candidate will be registered only after the receipt of the mark sheet of Madhyamik Exam or Equivalent.
3)  The fees taken during the time of provisional admission is non-refundable.


Fees Are Non-Refundable and Non-Adjustable


  1. i) Students are to be always respectful to teachers and elders.
  2. ii) Mobile / Cell phones are strictly NOT allowed. Students using mobile phones within the Campus will attract disciplinary action.

iii) Students should carry their Identity Card with them while in school. No student will be allowed within the Institution premises without the Identity Card.

  1. iv) Prior permission from the proper authority is necessary to leave the school before the final bell.
  2. v) Students should not indulge in any kind of vandalism within the school premises. It will attract serious punishment.
  3. vi) Students should be careful to keep the Institution campus clean.

REGISTRATION: Every student of Class XI is to be registered with the West Bengal

Council of H.S. Education for which detailed programme

will be set for them.

ENROLMENT: Every student of Class XII must enrol for the final H.S. Examination.

The programme for which will be announced at the appropriate time

TRANSFER: As per the H.S. Council regulation.


  1. a) Admission and other fees are to be paid in cash.
  2. b) Monthly fees would be collected on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from all the parents of Class XI and XII students(between 8.30 A.M. to 11.A.M.) and Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday only for Class XI and Class XII students(between 8.30 A.M. to 11.A.M.) on or before 20th of every month, unless otherwise notified . A student failing to pay fees by the due dates as notified shall have to pay Late Fee of Rs. 30/- per month of default or fraction thereof. If the fees are paid by the next month then a fine of Rs.300 will be charged.

Payment is not received in Tiffin Time (10 A.M to 10:30 A.M )

  1. c) The name of the student failing to pay his dues for 3 consecutive months without prior permission shall be struck off from the roll and may be re-admitted on payment of re-admission Fee (one Month’s Tuition Fee)
  2. d) In case of loss of (Duplicate Fee Book or Identity Card or Mark-sheet) It can be obtained by depositing Rs. 50/- to the office. A general diary is to be lodged with the Local Police Station for loss of Identity Card.


A few free studentships (full / half) are awarded to the students of this Institution every year on the basis of merit-cum-means.


LATE RUMI BOSE (DEB) MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL : This award was introduced in memory of Late Rumi Bose (Deb). This medal is given to the student of this Institution who secures highest marks in Higher Secondary Examination of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education every year.