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Vice Principal Message

Vice Principal Message

Dear Well Wisher

Every bit human success, inventions, medical discoveries, triumph of engineering, establishment and success of business empires were all visions before they materialized. The devoted team of DICV family visualizes that the Ganges of knowledge has no boundaries, no limits and no ends. We are committed to our goal of DICV being ideal school.

Education is an essentiality for the sustenance of an individual in all spheres of life, in this cosmos. It is a preparation to live to its fullest. It awakens and unfolds the beauty and genius of the sprouting buds. In this pivotal area of education we aim on nurturing these flowering human personalities through not only academics and sports but also through the special personality development classes that we have began for the overall growth of our students.

Our staff is pledged to provide the congenial milieu to the students to successfully meet the challenges of life. As educators we all have a very important role to play in moulding the character, personalities and attitudes of our youth. It is our endeavour to impart the right values to our youngsters to make them worthy members of our society.

The school has already proved its presence and achieved much but there are many more avenues to be explored. The Almighty has been kind but it all humility I pray to him that me along with my team of teachers are able to take DICV to greater heights.

I conclude with Robert Frost’s four lines, which have always rendered a lot of inspiration to me…

The woods are lovely dark and deep
I have promises to keep
And miles to go
Before I sleep….

Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely,

Debjani Bose